Moby – Erupt and Matter

Dear Norbert Hofer,
I’m sorry if my ‚erupt & matter‘ video has upset you or caused you grief.
But honestly what’s upset me and caused me(and countless others)grief is the 21st century’s slide into xenophobic right wing politics and populism. In the 20th century we saw both the rise and collapse of far-right ideologically driven political movements. By the end of the 20th century i had naively assumed that as a species we’d learned from the mistakes of the 20th century, and were ready to leave xenophobic populism and far right politics behind. Sadly, i was wrong, as the politics of fear and hate have come roaring back in the 21st century almost everywhere in the world(including the united states, as we now have a dangerously incompetent xenophobe, donald trump, as our 45th president).
I understand that the complex changes and challenges facing us in the 21st century can lead to fear and uncertainty.
But cynically and disingenuously responding to the fear and uncertainty by blaming ethnic minorities and advancing economic populism is both dangerous and wrong. A look at the 20th century clearly shows that whenever a country has blamed it’s ills on minorities and retreated into nativist, economic populism the results
have been disastrous.
So, i will happily remove you from the video if you renounce the politics of racism, xenophobia, and right wing economic